Foresee and fortify on the five elements of the i4C—information, computers, cameras, communications, and controls.

Join us for two days of scheduled talks from industry experts who will offer insight into trends and developments happening in their respective fields. Take part in live discussions on current pressing issues involving cybersecurity, telecommunications, national defense, security systems and solutions, technology, and other i4C-related industries. Get the chance to experience, engage with, and more comprehensively understand the features, benefits, and potential uses of the latest products and services of industry-leading exhibitors.


Philippine Women in Cyber Alliance, SecurityMatters Magazine, and WISECRA to launch the “Top Women in Security – Philippines” on International Women’s Day 2020

This new accolade has been developed to help recognize women who have been empowered in security across the Philippines who have made significant contributions to advance the security industry, and are shaping the path for future generations of professionals among other vital contributions.

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Be part of the i4C Summit!

Terrorism, natural disasters, civil unrest, cybercrimes, and industrial crisis events require command and control from key management players in the public and private sectors. Traditional reactive command centers require an[…]

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The i4C Summit

Become more attuned to the ever-evolving security and emergency landscape. Learn from subject-matter experts as they expound on the evolving nature, purposes, relevance, and significance of the i4C in plenary and breakout sessions. Share best practices with practitioners, public agencies, and private organizations whose traditional and contemporary command and control centers are the foundation for their security infrastructure.


A constant stream of actionable intelligence-gathering and data-sharing is crucial to forecasting and proactive asset protection posture in this age of fake news, big data, and open sources with global reach.


Today’s risk environment related to cyber elements and the Internet of Things affects physical and personal security. Processors power artificial intelligence, autonomous devices, and almost all electronic devices.


Video surveillance and facial recognition fuel the data analytics for preventive and responsive protective measures, with improved accessibility, networks, and data storage further raising their value to any security endeavor.


The integration of new data-based methods and traditional telecommunications networks heightens interconnectedness among stakeholders, which in turn strengthens security and safety strategies, including law enforcement and emergency responses.


Well-designed command and control centers—with engineering, automation, a centralized or clustered hub—are vital to the emergency responses of any organization, whether it is concerned with private security or the public peace and order situation.