21-23 November 2018

Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist Program (CATS Manila)

The subject of Terrorism goes beyond the mayhem of bombs and guns—these are merely tools used by extremists to carry out their acts of terror and destruction. To truly mitigate terror elements includes understanding and mitigating the networks and its associated elements. 
SecurityMatters and Global E2C Singapore—in special conjunction with premier asset protection firm Ace And Associates Risk Management, Inc.—once again bring to the Philippines the Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS) Program—thus opening the doors for local security professionals to exclusively access an internationally respected qualification program and train with renowned experts in the field, right here in Manila.
The Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS) Program provides holistic understanding to the tenets of terrorism that encapsulate the imperatives of the Strategic-Operations-Tactical dimensions. This method of tripartite components and approach sets the CATS program apart from the rest. Moreover, each trainer is experienced and competent in his/her respective fields of specialization, and that inevitably brings maximum benefits to the participants, who themselves will go through a thorough battery of modules for study and training.