i4C Summit

i4C Summit

SecurityMatters™—in partnership with Ace And Associates Risk Management, Inc. and ARSLAN SRS Philippines—brings you two days of intensive collaboration and knowledge-sharing on the i4C: information, computers, cameras, communications, and controls.

10-11 October 2018 | Makati Diamond Residences

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Terrorism, natural disasters, civil unrest, cybercrimes, and industrial crisis events require command and control from key management players in the public and private sectors. Traditional reactive command centers require an updated, proactive approach to forecast and prevent fast-paced and widespread deep-impact incidents. 
Today’s protection concepts, then, must be more focused on the establishment, adoption, and use of command centers, communications systems, video surveillance, and computer technology in order to process the volume of data streaming to the organizations and to foster and cultivate actionable business intelligence—resulting in the best decisions, saving lives and properties.
This is the rationale that drives the i4C Summit—presented by SecurityMatters™ in partnership with Ace And Associates Risk Management, Inc. and ARSLAN SRS Philippines—to be held on 10–11 October 2018 at Makati Diamond Residences. The Summit will be bringing together top stakeholders for two days of intensive collaboration and knowledge-sharing on the i4C—information, computers, cameras, communications, and controls.


A constant stream of actionable intelligence-gathering and data-sharing is crucial to forecasting and proactive asset protection posture in this age of fake news, big data, and open sources with global reach.


Today’s risk environment related to cyber elements and the Internet of Things affects physical and personal security. Processors power artificial intelligence, autonomous devices, and almost all electronic devices.


Video surveillance and facial recognition fuel the data analytics for preventive and responsive protective measures, with improved accessibility, networks, and data storage further raising their value to any security endeavor.


The integration of new data-based methods and traditional telecommunications networks heightens interconnectedness among stakeholders, which in turn strengthens security and safety strategies, including law enforcement and emergency responses.


Well-designed command and control centers—with engineering, automation, a centralized or clustered hub—are vital to the emergency responses of any organization, whether it is concerned with private security or the public peace and order situation.

Summit Agenda



Subject-matter experts expound on the evolving nature, purposes, relevance, and significance of the i4C in plenary and breakout sessions.



Delegates will become more attuned to the ever-evolving security and emergency landscape. Learn through the very nature of i4C itself and process information on various bodies of knowledge.



Unique exhibition concepts allow delegates to maximize their learning process through interactive installations. It also offers opportunities to strengthen partnerships between security technology providers and end-users.

Why attend the i4C Summit?

Share best practices with practitioners, public agencies, and private organizations whose traditional and contemporary command and control centers are the foundation for their security infrastructure.

Why exhibit at the i4C Summit?​

Professionals and organizations from both the public and private spheres will be gathering to improve their security systems—and this involves strengthened collaborations with security technology providers.

Summit Venue

Makati Diamond Residences

118 Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1229, Metro Manila, Philippines